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International Patients Indian Experience

We really, really appreciate the great love and attention given to us while we were in Indian Hospital in Bangalore. In fact, you have uniquely touched our lives by making us feel we are your blood relations. You went all the way to give us comfort, joy and unalloyed hospitality. We commend your wonderful team at Customer Care. They are a different crop of dedicated workers as a result of an exemplary leadership. Please send our love to all of them. We say bravo to you all.
- Linda and Patrick, USA
He explained that further investigations were required but it would be more appropriate for these to be carried out in the UK. He would ensure that I was well enough to travel home very soon. This was how I was treated, and was more than happy with the outcome. My nurse was also was a lovely and caring lady and looked after me very well. The star of your hospital has to be the wonderful lady from Customer Care. She talked to me, liaised with the airline and kept me fully informed at all times of how everything was progressing. She was a very warm and compassionate lady who went beyond the call of duty to help me. Your Bangalore hospital is truly amazing and the speed and standard of your service is better than I have ever before experienced. You were exceptional ... and I will never forget what you did for me.
- Joseph from Sweden
My father underwent open heart surgery in a Bangalore Hospital. I simply had to keep people informed about the professionalism and care they had taken throughout the consultation and stay. The initial consultation with the chief cardiac surgeon was very professional. He discussed facts and figures and options available for valve replacement. He also explained the different valves that were available. With the power of the knowledge of the Internet and what the surgeon told me, I visited a couple of leading hospitals to also know their views. I am quite clear - they did not treat the matter in the same manner and almost scared us into getting my father admitted immediately after consultation. For obvious reasons, I went back to hospital in Bangalore and we went ahead with the surgery. The surgical team and nursing care maintained excellent standards. They ensure hygiene and maximum comfort for the patients. We had to spend close to eight days there. Thanks to the hospital, it went by very smoothly.
- Chris Martin, Canada
Jules Wayne arrived in India after hearing about the treatment in Bangalore from her contemporaries in US. Impressed with the facilities and healthcare, she decided to combine her quest for a face lift and body contouring along with an Indian tour all put together in a package by medical facilitators. Mrs. Wayne left India after successful surgery at a hospital in Bangalore for Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery along with a wonderful holiday experiencing the colours of India.
- Mr. & Mrs. Wayne, UK