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Arthritis Treatment

Osteoarthritis(OA) is caused by progressive degeneration of articular cartilage that is manifested in weight bearing joints and fingers of older persons or joints of younger persons subjected to trauma.

World over OA of knees is one of the main causes of musculoskeletal disorder and disabilities in the elderly population leading to poor quality of life. Global incidence of osteoarthritis is 14 to 20%. In India 22% to 39% people suffer from osteoarthritis, out of which 14% require active treatment.

Current management of osteoarthritis is only for temporary symptomatic relief and neither addresses the cause of disease nor reverses the
disease process. Moreover the adverse effects of medication and complication of interventions along with presence of other co-morbidities limit their use.

The Treatment
Before treatment patient is evaluated by x- ray and physical examination of affected joint, basic blood tests and MRI Proton density planning film is taken.

The affected joints are exposed to SPMF fields, one hour everyday for 21 consecutive days. This is an outpatient treatment which requires the patient to spend approximately 1 to 11/2 hours daily

Most of the patients show subjective improvements and are out of pain killers by the end of the treatment. Positive results are seen three months post-treatment. Majority of patients are able to lead a normal life.