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Travelspro Healthcare is part of USD 50 million Bangalore based Modi Travel & Tour group specializing in facilitation services in India to the discerning international traveler. It has catered to more than a million international travelers through the last 20 years and has successfully met varied needs ranging from locating tribal handicrafts to medical assistance.

Travelspro Healthcare Infrastructure includes:
  • Diagnostic polyclinic.
  • Empanelled hospitals with world class facilities and expertise accredited through stringent & rigorous proces
  • Experienced & expert doctors to not only ensure post discharge care but also to regularly update the patient’s doctor in his own country.
  • Nursing assistants, Language translators, Interpreters.
  • Well trained escorts who meet the patient at point of arrival and accompany them until that are ready to return to their home fully treated and rehabilitated.

Travelspro Healthcare facilities complete treatment that only ensures medical wellbeing but also physical and emotional well being of its patients, their families and their escorts.

Travelspro Healthcare through its affiliate company Travelspro also facilitates travel tickets, airport transfers, foreign exchange, accommodation at costs that the patient and his/her family can afford.

Travelspro Healthcare with a view to understanding firsthand needs of patients, their families and their doctors in the process of opening 10 offices across Asia, Africa, US, UK & Canada and has commenced the first international office at Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Travelspro Healthcare is committed to keeping its patients happy and comfortable at all times.